The following news article describes a tragedy occurring all too often. “Texting while driving is the suspected cause of a Monday crash . . . which led to the death of Jennifer Holloman of Benton Harbor, state police reported. Holloman, 32, was driving north on Hennesey Road at about 1:20 p.m. when she lost control of the car. The car rolled over, and Holloman was ejected. She was declared dead at a Kalamazoo hospital.”  Read More

It is just common sense that inattention to driving is a common cause of accidents. Texting is a gross form of inattention, or at least, attention to something else besides driving. Personal injury attorneys routinely investigate whether the personal at fault in an accident was using their cell phone to call or for texting purposes. There is little question that if they were, then they are negligent in the operation of their vehicle.

Some incidents of texting may even lead to a claim for punitive damages if the conduct was extreme or grossly negligent under the circumstances of the case.

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