Types of accidents that can occur vary greatly, but any one of them can be devastating and life-changing. Whether you suffer from a dog bite, a car accident, or are injured on the job, there are steps that need to be taken in order to treat that accident properly and get everything that you require for recovery.


1. Assess the situation and the injuries.

Assess the severity of the situation and the injuries right away. If immediate medical attention is needed, contact and ambulance or get to a hospital. If it’s something more minor take the time to gather all the information possible regarding the scene.


2. Properly record all details.

Take photos immediately after the accident has occurred or ask someone on the scene to do so. Always call police so that they can record the incident details immediately. This is important in the event that another person involved in the accident changes their story or tries to fight anything they may be responsible for. It can also be important information to have for insurance claim purposes.


3. Exchange information.

If there are other parties involved in the accident, exchange contact information so that you and your insurance companies know how to reach the other person if necessary.


4. Seek medical care.

If you did not receive emergency medical attention, you should immediately seek care so that you know what you may be facing in terms of expenses and long-term care. Something like a dog bite could cause infection or simply require stitches, an ATV roll-over could cause anything from a cut to paralysis. The severity and effects of every accident can greatly vary and some symptoms may get worse if left untreated. Some symptoms even show up after some time has passed, so getting an examination right away can help diagnose future problems and help you avoid unnecessary pain.


5. Consider long-term effects and care.

Not all injuries are a quick fix. Many require long-term care and some are severely disabling, requiring life-long treatment. With immediate medical attention, doctors will be able to help you foresee what you may be up against. An attorney can make sure that those long-term things that are a result of whatever accident occurred are covered.


6. Contact a personal injury attorney.

A personal injury attorney like the ones at Montgomery Dowdle will assess your case free of charge. We will work with you through the entire process to see to it that you are getting the coverage, medical care, and any further compensation that you may need. Even if an outside insurance party is covering your medical expenses, you may be required to pay them upfront, which can be financially challenging. We ease that burden by not charging any fees until you have won your case. We have had many successful results in getting injured parties the compensation they deserve.

If you are injured don’t hesitate to take all precautions and collect all the information possible regarding your accident, whatever it may be. We are always here to help make sure that you are being treated fairly by insurance companies and that as many of your injury-related expenses as possible, are being taken care of.