Going through the process of a personal injury case can be lengthy and highly taxing. In addition to legal stressors, the client is already facing physical and possibly emotional difficulties. These issues can affect multiple areas of life, including both vocational and personal, often causing additional stress.

Our goal at Montgomery Law Offices is to get you through your case as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. We work hard to be the very best at what we do. What we represent is truly what sets us apart from other personal injury firms.

We Care

We differentiate ourselves from the many firms primarily seeking a number of clients to represent. We don’t actually take on all cases that come through our doors, because some may not need legal representation. Others may not be a good fit for our experience. Once we choose to work together, we will never pass you on to a paralegal or other representative. We will see you through your entire case. We genuinely care about each one of our clients and represent them as we would represent our own selves.

We Offer A Free Evaluation

Your case, including all documentation and medical records, will be thoroughly reviewed for free.  Our attorneys will inform you what you are up against before even choosing to work with us.

No Upfront Fees

At Montgomery Law, we are confident in our legal abilities. We have won many cases representing injured persons. We know that injuries can cause great financial burden. When we represent your case, we will fight aggressively to win, but if we are not able to get you a settlement, we will not charge you a fee.


At times, those filing personal injury cases don’t need an attorney. Advice and information may be required, but the case is simple enough to be represented pro se (self-represented). We are upfront about the complexity of your case and whether or not our firm is a necessary part of it.

We Are Available On Weekends

We’re not a typical 9-5 firm, meeting you in our offices only during business hours. We understand that there may be physical limitations involved and convenience can be a concern. We will meet with you after hours or on weekends at a place of your convenience, even in the comfort of your own home.


In our years of experience, we have not only represented individual parties, but we have represented insurance companies as well. We are familiar with their side of the legal process and what it takes to get you the greatest settlement possible.

Montgomery Dowdle is here to make a difference in your life and in your case. Our policies of no fees upfront and free evaluations are helpful, but it is our caring honest nature that truly makes the difference in each case that we represent.