Auto accidents can be devastating enough, but if the insurance company attempts to deny your claim, it can make the situation even worse. Fortunately, you do have some options for legal recourse, especially with an experienced legal professional on your team. Read on for more information about how to handle an auto-accident-related insurance claim denial so you can receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries and damages.

You Made the Claim and it Was Denied

If you made the claim yourself and it was denied, it’s time to think about getting a lawyer. Typically, you cannot do anything to reverse the denial. It is likely that your claim was denied for one of two reasons: the adjuster believes your claim has no merit, or your claim was denied in hopes that you would simply give up and go away.

If the adjuster believes your claim has no merit, your lawyer will have to file a lawsuit. However, some adjusters deny claims that they know have merit. This is simply a financial tactic on the part of the insurance company because they are, after all, a business trying to make money for their stockholders. Insurers know that a certain number of people with valid claims will not pursue the matter further once it has been denied. At this point, the reason you were denied isn’t significant, however, and the only option for making them take notice is to hire your own attorney to fight on your behalf. They will have no choice but to take your claim more seriously when you are represented by a lawyer.

If the Insurer Denied Your Attorney’s Claim

If you had a lawyer file a demand letter and it too was denied, then your only choices are to give up or file a lawsuit. Insurance companies do treat claims from attorneys with more respect than those from unrepresented individuals, but if your attorney is not experienced in personal injury and auto accident law, he or she may not fully understand the process themselves. In that case, you will have a much better chance for a fair settlement if you work with an experienced attorney with a winning record in the courtroom.

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