Although dog bite injuries and fatalities can result from any dog attack, some studies show that certain breeds are responsible for more than others.

For example, one widely cited research study by the CDC indicates that pit-bull-type dogs and Rottweilers are the most dangerous breeds. As a result, laws have been adopted in many areas that place restrictions on owning these and some other breeds.

People who are harmed by these banned breeds, as well as other animals, can file legal claims against the responsible parties to recover financial compensation for their injuries and losses.

Breed-Specific Legislation

No dog breed is nationally banned, but each municipality has the right to develop its own laws regarding those animals that may be considered dangerous.

Many areas of the country have created laws referred to as Breed Specific Legislation (BSL). These laws regulate ownership of certain dog breeds with the goal of reducing the number of canine attacks.

Most often, BSL focuses on Rottweilers and dogs that people commonly call pit bulls. The pit bull is not a single breed, however, and the term generally refers to American pit bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers and Staffordshire bull terriers.

Other breeds BSL commonly restricts include cane corsos, Doberman pinschers and chow chows.

Bans and Ordinances in Idaho

According to, a nonprofit research and education organization, BSL has been enacted in some areas of Idaho.

Pit bulls have been declared “dangerous” or “vicious” in several cities, including Kellogg and Preston. Some cities, including Fruitland and Preston, have banned ownership of these dogs, and presa canarios and cane corsos are also banned in some local municipalities. Russian wolfhounds, wolf hybrids and mountain dogs are also specifically named in Idaho statutes.

People who are found to own a banned breed can be fined hundreds of dollars. And when dog bite injuries occur, the animal may be quarantined or destroyed. Beyond that, owners may be held legally responsible for the attacks.

Legal Claims for Dog Bites

Canine attacks can cause traumatic injuries that require long-term medical care.

Dog bites also come with a serious risk of developing an infection that can spread through the body, leading to significant health problems. A personal injury claim against the animal’s owner can be filed to obtain compensation for medical expenses and pain and suffering, as well as lost wages and loss of future earning potential.

In some cases, another person (such as a landlord or property manager) may be held accountable for dog bite injuries. Victims may be able to include that person or entity in a legal claim, if it can be proven that they knew the dog was dangerous and they failed to take action, particularly if they had any control over the dog.

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