Being a lawyer, I hear a lot of jokes about lawyers and I enjoy most of them.  Lawyers need to have a sense of humor.  However, sometimes we forget that aside from all the joking and criticism, there are many lawyers who do a lot of good.  As a group in a local community, lawyers donate hundreds of hours of legal time to all sorts of pro bona activities and causes.

Local bar associations promote many worthwhile causes such as free legal help for abused children and legal education for young people. Along with the publicized pro bono assistance of attorneys, there is a great deal of help and countless hours of time provided to people in need that is only known and recognized by the individual person and the lawyer.  So while lawyers deserve their fair share of criticism, the public may not be aware that there are many lawyers who go about quietly helping people in need for free without any fanfare or publicity.

Below is a link to an article I enjoyed about a Michigan car accident law firm that offered scholarships to several young people involved in serious car crashes.  The participants wrote essays on their efforts to overcome life-changing injuries from automobile accidents and their efforts to get an education.  This article was published in PRWeb and can be read by clicking here.