People find themselves in the Emergency Room for a multitude of reasons. Whether ill or injured, many things can warrant a visit,and there are a number of days throughout the year that you may find the ER to be notably busier than usual. Certain celebrations or activities can easily lead to a trip to the ER.

New Year’s Eve

There are a large number of alcohol-related injuries and deaths among people ringing in the New Year, especially for those in which alcohol is a major part of the celebrations. The worst injuries that a hospital typically sees on New Year’s Eve are caused by drunk driving incidents, including automobile accidents. Alcohol poisoning is also extremely common on this holiday. People who are difficult to rouse or are unconscious should be taken to an emergency room immediately.

4th of July

Dehydration and overheating are often a problem on the 4th, as is food poisoning from eating under-cooked food or food affected by poor sanitation when cooking or barbequing. It is yet another holiday in which alcohol is often part of the celebrating, and with this, comes related injuries. Fireworks injuries are also common on Independence Day.  In Idaho specifically, fires are often started by fireworks, occasionally causing harm. From time-to-time a firework also explodes while still being held and hand wounds occur.

Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving sends people to the ER for a variety of reasons. Emergency rooms are often filled with people who previously had medical conditions and didn’t watch what they ate, such as diabetics who overindulged in sugar. People eat foods that aren’t often consumed or shouldn’t be consumed particular to their condition and it affects their immediate health.  Among the ill, are the Black Friday shoppers.  People get in a hurry whether on the road or in the store, and injuries transpire.

Overall, many spikes in injuries occur on, or around, major holidays where various types of celebrating are involved. The key is to be as safe as possible, make sure there is a designated driver present when consuming alcohol, and watch the roads carefully for others who are driving under the influence. Some might even feel safer waiting to drive until the following morning. Awareness is vital and thinking ahead can prevent many injuries.

Of course, we cannot always think for others. Drunk driver injuries, dog bites, pedestrian accidents and more, are unforeseen and can happen any time of the year.  In these instances, there may be additional measures needed to get the coverage you need or have financial burdens of medical bills reduced. That is where we can step in and assist. If you are injured, we are here to help. We will provide you with a free consultation once you come to us with your case. Additionally, if we don’t get you what you deserve, you are not obligated to pay us. Reach out to us if you are in need of a personal injury lawyer any time for any reason.