If you are in a vehicle accident, there are various different possible sources to check out that might cover your bills and damages. This holds true, even if the other driver has no insurance coverage or is underinsured meaning they do not have sufficient insurance coverage to pay for all of your damages.

A resourceful car accident lawyer will look into all sources of payment and go after all avenues of recovery for damaged individuals. You and the passengers in your automobile might have claims against more individuals who actually have responsibility for the car accident. For example:

  • All people who own a vehicle could be liable for the negligent conduct of the vehicle driver. These owners may range from the parents of drivers younger than 18 to business organizations providing their personnel with vehicles as a job perk.
  • Employers might carry accountability for vehicle accidents caused by their employees while on the job. In certain corporate contexts, parent businesses could be held responsible for the conduct of their wholly-owned subsidiaries.
  • Government units and organizations may share in the fault for the auto accident. Cities, counties, and even the state might have failed to design, construct, and maintain safe roads or implement proper traffic controls (including light signals, stop signs, and speed limit postings). Handling a car crash claim against a government entity, however, is a sophisticated process and requires considerable experience and legal acumen. In addition, very stringent filing deadlines apply to motor vehicle accident claims against government organizations, making it vital that you speak with a experienced accident law firm without delay.
  • Auto producers may face different responsibility for negligent design or defective manufacture of a vehicle (or a component part) for injuries as a result of an auto accident. Injuries may be brought on, for example, from seatbelt failures, airbag failures, or tire flaws. Design and manufacturing problems are myriad and can include structural instabilities leading to automobile rollovers, gas tank explosions and fuel-fed fires, and avoidable roof crush.
  • Uninsured driver or underinsured motorist insurance coverage may exist within your and/or your passengers’ policies, which may furnish additional sources of compensation in a vehicle accident under certain situations.

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